Craft Projects for Used Wine Corks

No need to throw out those used wine corks. Collect them for a few months–or buy them by the box on eBay or CraigsList–and then make something fun. Here are a few of my favorite ideas for crafts from used wine corks.


Wine Cork Decor

Cork Art

An interesting wooden frame surrounds the wine cork center. The faux grapes give it a finished look. This hangs in the home of my dear friends, Becky & Eric Reinis.

Cork Placeholders

Assign seating at a dinner party or let people know what they're eating at a buffet. Just shear off a long edge to prevent them from rolling, and then carve an insert on the opposite side.

Wine Cork Wreath

Wine Cork Wreath

There are many ways to make cork wreaths, but I love how this one looks. Start with a spagnum moss wreath and then add corks and faux grapes. Perfect for your front door.


Cork Board

This is a classic project for used wine corks. Showoff the wine you've consumed while creating a useful addition to your kitchen or office. Perfect for fun notes, as pushpins really do stick in this.


Unique Signs

Instead of a boring ready-made sign, make your own using wine corks. Block the letters out and then glue corks on the sign. It's one sign people won't soon forget.


Decorative Letters

This takes monogramming to the next level. Use the letter of your last name or write short words using used wine corks. Add embellishment by using red-stained cork tips at certain parts of the letter.



If you're looking for a fun gift to give your wine-loving friends, a cork ornament will capture their attention. Plus, it's one of the best craft projects for used wine corks to do with your kids.


Christmas Trees

You can use red-wine corks or corks with colored wax on one end to give this wine cork Christmas tree some festive color. Or just dip the end of the cork in glue and then in colored glitter. 

Wine Cork Key Fob

Key Fob

Not only is a wine cork key fob unique, but it also floats! This is the perfect solution for a motorized water toy, such as a boat or jet ski. This is one of the easiest craft projects for used wine corks.



I am so impressed by this cork chair! It's a more advanced project but one that will have your friends ooh'ing and aah'ing with delight.


Fruit Bowl

Used corks make a fun fruit bowl. Start at the bottom and glue your way up. Be sure to take this to potlucks so you can get extra credit for your creativity.


 Bath Mat

A bath mat made from used wine corks is the ultimate in green conservation. Plus, it's super comfy on your feet. This craft project from used wine corks will be the centerpiece of your bathroom.